This high profile air services company provide a top-notch lounge exclusively for their first class passengers. The passengers can relax in their connected living room before boarding their flight.


Living room style rooms
Full Building Zoned Audio
Paging Microphone and full override control

Equipment Integrated

LG 55 inch screens, Crestron CP3N, Sonos Connect, Crestron DM-MD-16×16, Qsys Core 500i, Crestron TSW-760, Crestron HD-EXT3-C-B

System Functionality

This project straddled the line between being a corporate install with a residential feel, and user experience. Each room had its own 55-inch screen with Sky and Freeview channels as well as an HDMI input for guests to use their own devices. Control was provided by a Crestron TSW-760 in each room. Each room was set to provide enough volume for guests to enjoy loud music, through testing was conducted to ensure that the sound did not travel between guest areas, including ducking certain frequencies at high volume. Ultimate control of volume levels could be overridden by a master controller installed at the reception desk.

Video feeds from Sky Boxes, In Room Inputs, and Digital Signage players, are fully routable between rooms by the master iPad controller, as large parties may span multiple rooms or be used for special guest events. Using the Sonos App guests could listen to National and International Radio, Spotify, or Soundcloud in their room, again routing was controllable by a receptionist. The open areas of the lounge were volume controllable only by the master controller but could play audio from any room to ensure that High profile VIP Guests had a seamless experience when walking around the rest of the area.

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